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bookreview-imageBook Review- Computational Business Analytics, Subrata Das, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, December 2013 

Review by Ravi Venkatesan

The book is a tour-de-force of computational techniques most commonly required in data analytics. In a nutshell, this book which is the first-of-its-kind in data analytics in general (and not restricted to business analytics as the book title might suggest) is a “must have” and “must read” for all data analytics practitioners, and  …      Read ahead.

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tropy2Accolades: Kudos to Harikumar and Gulati (TCS) for bagging the best paper award at CMG India 2014, and also to Maheshgopinath, Balachandar, and Indranil (Infy) for bagging the 2nd best paper award, and to Amit, Manoj and Mahesh (TCS) for bagging the thrid best paper award. All these three teams have received invitations from CMG International 2015 to present their papers at San Antonio this year.

Kudos to Prajakta (Infy) and Sundar (TCS) for being selected to present a tutorial on Multi-tier Performance Guidelines at CMG International San Antonio 2015.

Performance Anecdotes:

Murphy’s Laws

Everyone has heard of Murphy’s first law: “If anything can go wrong, invariably it will.” But hardly anybody has even a foggy idea of who Murphy was. Edward Murphy, was an American aerospace engineer who  … Read further

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