A different type of performance

ThoughtWorks was named by the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) as the winner of the Top Companies for Women Technologists program. ABI’s U.S. program recognizes companies committed to building workplaces where women in technology roles can thrive. Read again “Women Technologists”. Now looking back at our organizations one wonders “Where are the Technologists?”. Notice I am not even wondering “Where are the Women Technologists?”.

It is time we changed this. The first goal should be to promote technocrats and then the second goal should not be to be in ABI’s list, but to try and promote a culture so that we get there.

Lauda Pena, the lady who has been interviewed in the link states “One thing I love about ThoughtWorks, is that there isn’t this magical number we’re trying to achieve to prove our diversity.”

Corollary setting and meeting numbers just to prove a point is worthless. Numbers can and will be manipulated. This is true in all the fields.

Just because somebody got 95+ percent in 10th doesn’t prove anything. Just because somebody developed a software with zero high severity defects means nothing. Our being a “x” billion dollar company means nothing. What is important is “Is the objective of the task met?” more importantly “Has it benefited someone without harming anybody?”

Don’t do anything for tokenism.

She raises a very moot point “A diverse workplace begins with an understanding at the  corporate level of why it’s important, and unapologetically embedding it into the organization’s culture. Our industry is based on racing to the finish line, and that creates a profit first mentality. Putting the money above all else can be detrimental, especially when it comes to hiring. For instance, when broadening your talent search beyond the usual suspects, it will likely require more time and effort. And time is money. Only truly committed organizations will stay the course.”

Corollary is don’t run after money. Hire the right set of people and give them the freedom to conquer the world (not literally) and money will automatically flow in.

It is time that each one of us in the the IT field, specifically in India, recognize this limitation in our industry and try and bridge the gap earnestly and definitely not by introducing “Reservations”.