CMG India Board Member Elections 2017

It’s time to elect a new board and new president for CMG India. We welcome self nominations for board member positions. Once the board is elected the board members will choose their president. Please read the following carefully if you plan to nominate yourself.

Purpose of the Board: Board Members are expected to evolve and execute the charter of CMG India. The focus is on networking the community of performance engineers and capacity planners through the regional events and annual conference. The board should also focus on increasing the outreach of CMG India at the international level, through the CMG International conference.

Eligibility: Indian citizens with 10 or more years IT experience will be eligible for self nomination, provided they have spent the last two years in areas related to performance engineering or capacity planning of IT systems. Existing board members can serve up to two full terms.

How to Nominate Yourself: The process is easy. If you wish to nominate yourself as a board member then send your passport photo and one page profile (should contain your name, date of birth, address, email, telephone, and summary of experience) to between 7th February to 25th February 2017. You can only nominate yourself and not anybody else.

The nomination process is closed now. 

CMG India 2017 Election Schedule:

Phase 1: Nomination Round – 7th February to 25th February: Receive Board Member Nominations.

Phase 2: Elections – Week of March 6th. Elect top 8 board members with ideally equal representation across regions. All CMG India members as of 31st January 2017 can vote. 

Phase 3: Presidential Election – Board Members either vote or choose their president by consensus.

In all cases above, if voting results in a tie during any phase, the outgoing president will have an extra vote to break the tie.

Board Member Nominations 2017