Bye Laws

CMG India is setup for the purpose of promoting performance engineering and capacity management across IT professionals. CMG India will serve as a forum for networking of IT professionals to promote exchange of information and best practices. Currently CMG India is not a registered company or society, but it is a Chapter of the worldwide Computer Measurement Group. The bye laws below are meant for the smooth functioning of this chapter. All members are expected to adhere to these bye laws.

Membership Classes
Members can be either professionals who have voting rights, or students who will not have voting rights. Members are expected to be 18 years of age. One can sign up as a member via online registration through this link. Currently there is no membership fee.
Membership Privileges
Members will enjoy the following privileges:
  • Access to CMG India digital library, which will include conference proceedings, regional event presentation material, technical posts by experts, links to useful material in performance engineering and capacity management
  • Voting rights (for professionals only) in general body meetings
  • Recommendations to improve the functioning of CMG India
  • Nomination rights for appointment to executive committee (for professional only)

Membership shall be revoked if a member engages in any activity that is detrimental to the purpose of CMG India.

Executive Committee
The executive committee will comprise of a set of board members who will manage the functioning of CMG India. The first executive committee has been formed out of the following board members. Each member will hold office up to a period of 2 years, and the committee will comprise of at least 3 and not more than 8 board members, with not more than 2 board members per region. The first committee will continue until May 2015. A board member can hold a maximum of two consecutive terms in office.
The committee will be chaired by a President, who would preside over period committee meetings and represent CMG India in suitable forums to promote the cause of the Chapter. There will be one or more Vice Presidents who would promote events and act in lieu of the President whenever required. There will also be a Secretary to coordinate meetings and minute them. The President, Vice Presidents, and Secretary will be the Office Bearers of the committee. The remaining board members will have specific roles which may be advisory in nature or with suitably designated responsibilities.
Elections for the board will be held every two years, the first election will be planned in May 2015. Professional members with 10 or more years of experience, will be allowed to submit their nominations to a Nominating Committee, that will coordinate the election process. Each professional member will be allowed a single vote for a given board member position. In case of a tie in votes, the President will have a casting vote.
The executive committee will have periodic meetings to promote the functioning of CMG India. Any member can provide recommendations to improve the functioning as well as to expand the objectives.
The current set of activities planned include:
  • Regional events at no cost to members. These will be facilitated by regional facilitators. Any professional member, who can provide for a conference room facility, can sign up as a regional facilitator. Any member can volunteer to present work in progress or other technical presentations at these events. Regional events are currently planned as half day events, across major cities, around once a quarter.
  • Annual conference at affordable costs to members. The first annual conference of CMG India will be in 2014 (probably during the latter part of the year).
  • Blogs by technical experts at this site. Members willing to sign up as technical experts can get in touch with any board member.