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Computer Measurement Group India is meant for networking of performance engineering and capacity management professionals and students in the IT industry. CMG India is a chapter of the worldwide Computer Measurement Group. Click here for details of  CMG India 2014, our 1st Annual Conference.

Membership benefits:
Membership is currently free. Members get to attend events, speak at events, view and contribute to blogs, access CMG India digital library, provide suggestions to enhance and expand the scope of CMG India, and elect the executive board every two years. Sign up now for membership.


We plan to have regional events across major cities in India, as well as an annual conference. The 1st Annual Conference was held on 12th and 13th December 2014. Refer to the Calendar of Events for a list of past and upcoming events. If you wish to speak at any upcoming regional event, you can contact the Regional Facilitators in your region.



If you are a technical expert in performance engineering and capacity management, you can post your articles here. Contact any of our Board Members to sign up as a technical expert.



xPress is the space for CMG India members to express themselves outside of blogs. For more details visit the CMG India xPress page.